Why EVs

We love cars. We, at ProEV especially, love to race cars. Unfortunately, cars powered by gas and diesel engines emit noxious poisonous fumes, generate a lot of heat, require a vast and dirty infrastructure to support them, and are quite noisy.

This wasn't a problem when cars were a novelty. But for many, cars have become a necessity. That means more cars. This means more fumes, more heat, more infrastructure, more noise -and that is a problem.

ICE pollution

Smog and lung diseases go hand in hand. Oil pollutes the land and sea. Global warming threatens. And our oil energy needs often drive our foreign policy.

It is time to start moving beyond the gas and diesel burning engines.

We at ProEV, believe that the electric motor is the tool to replace the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). We plan to prove it, at the track!



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