Why is All wheel drive wanted?

Accelerating, electric motors develop their maximum torque right away, at zero rpm. As racers, we want our tires not too sticky, to minimize rolling resistance, and skinny, to cut down on aero drag. This means wheel spin is a common concern.

Slowing down, we want as much regenerative braking as possible. This deceleration has to go through these same slippery, skinny tires. Locking the wheels under braking is a concern.

If we had to choose between rear wheel drive and front wheel drive, we would have a problem. Weight transfers to the rear as you accelerate, so all things being equal, a rear wheel drive car will have less wheel spin accelerating than a front wheel drive car. Weight transfers forward under braking, so all things being equal, you can get more regenerative braking from the front wheels without locking the tires, than you can get from the rear wheels.

With all wheel drive, you get the best of both worlds. Four wheels accelerating. Four wheels braking.

Regen Braking
True EVS once faster than ICEs


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