Can an EV beat an ICE?


ProEV has done it.

First in autocross:
ProEV's Electric Imp ran six autocrosses in 2005. We ran in the Sports Car Club of America D Modified class against ICE competition and we won each time. This made us the Sports Car Club of America Florida Region D Modified Champions.

Next in closed circuit road racing:
On December 30 2007, we finished first in the Super Production (Under 2 liter) class at the Sports Car Club of America sanctioned Scott Lewis Memorial race at Moroso Motorsports Park in West Palm Beach Florida.

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Modern EV's can be built that are powerful enough to go very quickly. They have some advantages over ICE cars such as maximum torque at zero RPM. They have some disadvantages like batteries weighing more than gas.

To win, EV's must use their advantages and minimize their disadvantages.
With proper development, electric cars can compete with internal combustion powered cars, both on the track and on the road.

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