Kokam Batteries

The Electric Imp is powered by Kokam Lithium Polymer batteries.

Our current pack consists of 95, Kokam SLPB 80460330H cells wired in series. These are the High Powered version of Kokam's proven Lithium Polymer cells. The cells have a capacity of 100 amp-hrs (rated at .5C).

Kokam HP Lithium Polymer cell
Kokam's SLPB 80460330H 100 amp/hrs

Each cell is approximately 17.9" long by 12.8" wide by .32" thick . The tabs stick out about .75" and are 4 " wide.

Each cell weighs about 5.95 lbs. The entire pack weighs 565.25 lbs and has a rated capacity of 35.15 kW-hrs.

The voltage ranges from 399 volts (fully charged) to 266 volts (fully discharged). Nominal voltage is 351.5 volts.

Kokam pack installed
Kokam battery pack installed in ProEV's Electric Imp

These cells can be continuously discharged at 500 amps and can safely deliver bursts of up to 800 amps. Even at 500 amp currents, these cells can deliver 86% of their rated capacity.

The cells operating range is -20 to +60 degrees Celsius.
The cells charging range is 0 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Kokam's SLPB 80460330H battery price ranges from around $1.80 US to $2.20 US per watt-hr., depending on quantity purchased.Therefore, the price of a Kokam 100 amp-hr cell is around $666.00 US to $814.00 US, depending on quantity purchased.

Click to view Kokam's spec sheet for these cells <PL-302_SLPB80460330H_100Ah_Grade.pdf>
More information about the cells are at KokamAmerica.com.

Please let Kokam know that you heard about them through ProEV and the Electric Imp. It won't get you a better price but will encourage Kokam to continue supporting EV racing!



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