Why this Chassis?

We are building our racecar using a 1995 Subaru Impreza two door Coupe as our base chassis.

We determined our criteria, and then looked for a car that would best meet our requirements.

Must have at least two seats and be street legal
Four wheel drive
Small Frontal area
Low coefficient of drag
Light car when stripped
Reasonable number of used examples (for price and spares)
Car being raced (for performance parts availability).

The Subaru is a little weak in two areas. The coefficient of drag is .32. We hope to improve that. The suspension is Macpherson strut, which is not ideal for racing, but usable.

The car is very strong in Rally and tarmac racing. This means there are a number of go-fast parts such as up rated shocks and light weight carbon body parts that we can make use of.

Battery Type
Why Regen Braking


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