Tech Specs

The Electric Imp is a 270 horsepower / 370 ft/lbs torque, battery powered racecar built to FIA and SCCA regulations. It is designed to compete against gas and electric cars in closed circuit road races and autocrosses .

Chassis   1995 Subaru Impreza 2 Door Coupe

Motor   (2) Siemens 5134WS20 AC Electric Motors

Controller   (2) Simovert 6SV1 AC Controllers

Battery Pack   35.15 kW-hr of Kokam SLPB 80460330H High Power Lithium Polymers

Struts   Ground Control Advanced Design Struts

Springs Front   Eibach Racing Springs

Springs Rear   Eibach Racing Springs

Differential Front   Stock Subaru 3.9 open rear diff

Differential Rear   Stock Subaru 3.9 open rear diff

Brakes Front   Tilton Racing Master Cylinder, steel braid lines, Wilwood Dynalite Calipers, Performance Friction 01 Pads and Direct Drive Rotor

Brakes Rear   Tilton Racing Master Cylinder, steel braid lines, Carbotech pads and Subaru stock rotor and caliper

Regenerative Braking  

Third pedal controlled (in place of clutch pedal), progressive, 300 amp 266 ft/lb torque (650-amp/370 ft/lb torque possible)

Wheels   Rota Slipstreams 15 X 7 5 X 100 35mm offset

Tires   Goodyear 23.0X8.0B-15

Onboard Computer   Motion Computing Tablet Computer M1300 with View Anywhere Screen

Operating System   Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition

DAQ System   EECI ADC-16 Analog to Digital converter

Software   Custom software written in National Instruments Labview

Charger   Manzanita Micro PFC50 Beta 500 Volt Charger

Battery Management System   ProEV Custom system with individual cell monitoring and active balancing

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