July 9, 2004

Moroso July 2004

Imp fans,

More belated news about ProEV's Kokam powered Electric Imp (I have to keep practicing that phrase so it will roll off my tongue smoothly during victory circle interviews<G>).

We have run the car on the track!

Now, the car was no way ready for this track expedition. As a professional race team, we do not want race the car until we have it set up to win. Kokam, on the other hand, has a great battery that they want the world to see now!

They forced our hand by sending a TV crew from the Korea National Broadcasting. If they were going to travel all the way from Korea to film the Electric Imp in action, we need to show them a car that can drive.

It almost didn't happen! We had to work some late nights. And late nights mean mistakes. While we didn't have any 'Plasma Boy' caliber pyrotechnics, we did manage to put our PFC50 charger out of action. Note to self: When charging, positive to positive, negative to negative, not visa-versa.

Now how are we going to run a race weekend on a ¼ charged battery pack?

We decide not to sweat the details and load up the racecar. We get to Moroso Motorsports Park in West Palm Beach, Florida at the end of Friday test day. The staff is super accommodating and agree to hold the track open for us long enough to film a couple of laps.

Internationally renowned race driver James Lee drives the film crew's rental van while the camera guy films out the back and the Electric Imp races behind. I do some fly-bys and curb hopping. The film crew seems pretty ecstatic. Combined with the footage that they had filmed at the race shop, they fell they have the makings of a good program.

Wow, what a relief. We are very happy that, despite technical obstacles and a short time line, we are able to help Kokam and the Korean Broadcasting TV crew.

Now, we are at the race track. There is a race tomorrow. We have less the a quarter charge, but..

To be continued


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July 10, 2004


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