March 25, 2005

Moroso Test Day -Friday

Session 3

We charge for an hour. The skies are getting overcast but we think we can get our lap in before it rains.

The track opens for our session at 2:20.

I drive out onto a clear track. Turn 3, a rain drop or two dots the windshield. Not enough to affect the grip much.

Coming out of turn 6, I catch movement in the corner of my eye.

Was the corner worker waving a black flag?

Curses! He was.

They have stopped the session, presumable for the sprinkle. It is a good five minutes before the skies open up.

I could have gotten my lap!

Moroso wet

With the rain, we have time to review the data.

Cell #17 is dead. It needs to be replaced.

The crew pulls the seat and the battery cover. Luckily #17 is the top cell on the stack beneath the driver. It comes out easily and a replacement is put in.

It is still a two hour job.

changing cell #17

The car goes back on charge.

We decide to plug into a 15 amp 110 volt outlet. We set the current limit to 4.5 amps. The car can charge through the night.

We go to race registration.

When we return, the outlet's breaker has tripped. There is another rig plugged into the same outlet and they have equal claim to the power. We turn our current limit down to 2 amps. Still the breaker trips. It has gotten warm and finally will not reset.

We will just have to arrive early tomorrow and charge with the generator.



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