Moroso March, 2005 Sum-up

Finishing the race and finishing second is wonderful. A big step even if it required some luck.

We have built a fast car. We can make it reliable. The challenge will be to get the speed we need and still do the distance.

Each race we will have to decide how high we can turn up the amps and still finish the race.

The "Power Used" chart gives an idea of the relationship between amps and kw-hrs used per mile for the Moroso track.

Moroso track "Power Used" chart

The pink line is based on the Kw-hr readings that the SIADIS program gives. According to it, a 200 amp lap uses 62% of a 600 amp lap.

In trying to refine our data, we have noticed an interesting anomaly.

Amps times Pack voltage By unit of time should give us Kw-hrs. Yet when we took the raw information from the SIADIS program and made the calculations, our Kw-hrs were about 5 % less (green line labeled kw-hrs per mile). Why? And which one is right?

The orange line is the kw-hrs used without subtracting the energy recaptured by regenerative braking.

The blue line is only the energy recaptured by regenerative braking.

We were unable to retrieve the data for the 600 amp run.

The regenerative braking data (blue line) seems strange. The regenerative braking level was never changed yet most energy per mile was captured at 200 amps, the least at the 300 amp level and in between at the 400 level.

Our theory is based on the order the runs were made. First the 300 amp run. Then the 400 amp run. Last, the 200 amp run. I think I just got better at using the regenerative braking pedal as I went along.

This data gives us reason to hope we might do better. The SIADIS readings may be 5% pessimistic. Properly used, I may be able to recapture 136 watt-hrs per mile at this regen setting.

On the other side, these calculations ignore any kind of pseudo peurket's effect. It is likely that we will not be able to get all 22.6 kw-hrs out of our pack at high amp draws.

We must start optimizing the car.
- Optimizing the BMS so that we can get all the kw-hrs from the pack.
- Optimize the regen so that it can recapture more.
- Optimize the aerodynamic to minimize drag.

There is a long way to go but second place isn't a bad place to start.

Moroso 3/27/05



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