Hialeah Park June 12, 2005

Daddy's Run Autocross

Coming out of the corner

Hialeah park again...

Slaloms down,
turn around,
slaloms back.

The long and slim area does not offer much scope for variety.

It rained hard the night before. The course is rinsed clear of rubber and dotted with puddles.

Run 1

The first run is a 46.454 but I miss a cone. Everything is working fine.
The amps hit 558.
Maximum torque is 372 lbf-ft.
712 Watt-hours used.

Run 2

This run is faster and clean. A 45.494 gives me a safe time.

Run 3

I go harder but forget how tight one cone is. I am on the throttle when I should be on the brake.
A cloud of tire smoke.
56.892 and off.


Run 4

Final run is clean.
43.504 wins my class.
It is also 11 fastest of the 111 cars running today.

View Run #4 Video (9.89 MB)

Sum up

out of the box

The Electric Imp performed well.

The Hoosier Autocross tires and getting in all four runs allows the car to show itself as one of the fastest out there, regardless of class.

There are still some changes that would benefit the car for autocross, though they might hurt in Road Racing.
Max rpm was around 3,300 rpm.
Torque does not fall off until 4,500 rpm.
Acceleration in the 0-70 mph range would be better if the car used a shorter ratio. This would come at the expense of 70-120 mph acceleration that we need for road racing.

Normally the limiting factor for how fast you can go through a corner is grip. If you try and go faster, the car will slide too much to make it around the corner. In these slaloms the car is not sliding very much. The limiting factor is how fast I can get the car to change direction. So, for Hialeah courses, it might be advantageous to stiffen the shocks and the anti roll bars. This should decrease ultimate grip and might cost us under braking and in the one 180 degree turn but increase speed through the slaloms.



autocross 1st place trophy

Five autocrosses this year.

Five First place Trophies.

The collection grows.


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