Moroso Motorsports Park July, 2005

Saturday - 7/9/05

There are tropical storm force winds. There is a burst of horizontal rain. The organizers debate canceling the weekend. Qualifying session starts late but we still do not have a full charge.

Ready to go

We do a qualifying lap. Cell 26 was probably damaged yesterday and dies right away today. Cell 11 looks questionable. We are out of spares. We pull cell 26 and another cell to keep the wiring right. We are forced to run an 86 cell pack. Cell 11 is in a stack beneath one of the inverters. It would take too long to change. We hope it will be OK.

We put the pack back on charge despite occasional driving rain. The generator is rated at 4500 Watts continuous. If the charger is 95% efficient, we should be able to put 4275 Watts into the pack. So 12 amps into our 356 volt pack would be just on the limit in optimum conditions.

90 degrees and humid are not optimum conditions. The generator emits a bad smell and stops generating.

The guys at RTR Motorsportz are a good group and they offer us their spare generator. We decide to be a little more conservative and drop our charge rate to 5 amps. We estimate that we will need 10 hours to get a full charge. The car will not be ready for today's 5 lap race.

There is an RV parking area attached to Moroso Motorsports Park. It has a variety of 110 volt charging points available. All the 30 amp outlets are on one phase and all the 20 amp outlets protected with GFI are on another phase. This means we can not use our cheater box to create a 220 volt outlet but 110 volt 30 amp should give us 7-8 amps into the pack.

We move the Imp to an outlet and start charging. We discover 6 amps is about the best we get from the outlet without tripping the breaker. We settle in for a long charge.

Moroso RV outlet


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