Moroso Motorsports Park July, 2005

Sum up

The team is pleased with the speed of the car. With some tuning, the car will be a front runner. Our focus needs to be getting the car to be able to run full power reliably.

We had three cells fail this weekend. It looks like they were all damaged in the test day run.
Unfortunately, problems with the BMS during the test run keeps us from seeing exactly what happened.
The pack started fully (over 95%) charged containing, in theory, around 21.65 kW-hrs.
We only used 12.96 kW-hrs or 6/10's of the stored power, making it unlikely that the cells that died where over-discharged

It seems more probable that they were damaged by excessive heat. Maximum discharge temperature is 60 degrees C and maximum recharge temperature is 45 degrees C.
We were doing both (regen and discharge) to 70 degrees C.

It is clear our battery cooling modifications have been inadequate. The batteries must be remounted in such a way that will allow them to get better air flow.

Finally, it is necessary for our next generator to be bigger, at least 15 kWs. We must be able to recharge completely between sessions.


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