Moroso Motorsports Park

SARRC Race day 12/30/06

Race 1, 2:36 PM

Grid for the race

The race is a split start. That means that the Production cars will follow the pace car and start together. The Spec racers will be separated out and start together. This allows each group to start the race against their own type of car.


For the first couple of laps, each group will be able to race without interference from the other type of cars. As the race goes on, the two groups will begin to pass each other.

8th on the grid

The split start puts The Electric Imp 8th on the grid.

This is 3rd in the SPU class, but 6 cars behind the 1st place SPU and a further 8 cars behind is the next SPU car.

I time the start OK. The drivers around me are a little conservative into the first corner. Everybody tucks in and defends their place. It is crowded enough so that my early braking does not cost me.

In the first turn, the tires skate without gripping. I hope they will start working soon.

Into turn 6, I am gentle. I hover on the edge of instability. I try and turn in.

The car comes around too quickly for me to catch it. One second I am about to turn in. The next, I am spinning.

Once around on the grass and then I head in the right direction. I rejoin at the back of the pack but manage to re-pass two cars before the end of the lap.

View "Chasing#22" video (~704KB - *.wmv file)
Chasing #22

By lap 3, I have caught up with the third place SPU (#22 Yellow Ford Focus). I need to get past him.


My car is not handling well. Braking is the worst problem. The 200 amps of regen, which seemed like so much on the street does not seem to slow the car. The mechanical brakes will not lock the wheels.

Each brake zone I press as hard as I can. I strain the seat belts as I literally stand on the brake pedal.

The tire grip is poor and inconsistent. The tires grip and slide, grip and slide. The car is very unstable in turn 6. I try a little security brake. I try lifting earlier. Each time the grip is different.

View "Early Race 1" video (~296KB - *.wmv file)
Early race 1

Lap 8, the power begins to go away. There should be lots of capacity left but I can only guess that voltage is sagging to the point that the inverters limit current.


Lap 9, again in turn 6, the car starts to come around. I catch the rear and the front loses grip. The car starts to push off the track. Again, the front grips; again, the car starts to come around; again, I catch it; and again, the front grip goes away. I am out of pavement.

I head off into the grass without noticing much difference in tire grip. A gentle arcing turn and I am playing rally car back to the track.

I go through the chicane and then brake as soon as the car is out of turn 8b. Even so, the car does not stop in time to make turn 9.

I pull into the pits because the failing power might indicate a risk to the batteries, but the terrible handling keeps me from being sorry to leave the track.

working on an eletric car is different

My best laps were 3 and 4. Both 1:54.5s. Three and a half seconds slower than our qualifying.

Since we completed 9 laps, (over half the race distance), we are awarded 4th place finishing points.



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