Moroso Motorsports Park July 9, 2005


The ProEV Electric Imp at Moroso

"To finish first, first you have to finish!"

The car has covered a lot of miles this weekend. We were able to run consistently and recharge the car in time to make the next session. The car is reliable at a 300 amp race pace and a 400 amp qualifing pace.

We have improved the air flow through the radiator. While the external design seems to be working, the detail work inside the air box needs more work. The battery temperatures are fine but we need to make sure they will stay down as we turn up the amps.

As soon as we can get our battery management system into action, we should be able to make greater use of the capacity of the pack. This will allow us to run higher power and still know we can finish the race.

With the electrical parts coming together, it is time to fix the brakes and explore our tire options.



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