January 20 & 21, 2006

Moroso Motorsport Park: Battery Beach Burnout 2006

It was great to have a Florida EVent.

What a huge effort by Shawn Waggoner and his co-conspirators, Matt Graham and Lowell Simmons. We hope they enjoyed it as much as the rest of us did.

The EVent was organized as the showpiece for the local chapter of the Electric Auto Association, with the drag race sanctioned by the National Electric Drag Racing Association.
The image that sticks in my mind from the Friday night drags was Matt Graham's black Nissan lined up against Lowell Simmons' Black Porsche. These cars looked serious. Style points go to Lowell for that intimidating burn-out. The sparks coming from beneath the car had the crowd on their feet (and the rest of us going, "ohh, that can't be good!"). No wonder Matt red-lighted.
Matt's car is striking! Lots of effort put in to make the installation clean.

My favorite view: Through the open hood. Plexiglas shield over the battery tops with Rudman regs flashing. Zilla straight ahead and all the wiring bundled.

Least favorite view: The rear of the 240SX in the other lane as it pulls away when I was racing against it.
The Show and Shine went by too quickly. I did not get a chance to talk with everyone I wanted to speak with. Next time I might have to show up on

This was my first opportunity to help set up an autocross and it was an interesting experience. Safety considerations dictate the course outline. In our oval roadway, the side away from the staging area had to be the fastest.

Within this outline we tried to set up a course that offered the drivers a choice of lines. For example, Lowell set up a very wide starting gate. If you staged your car all the way to the outside, the immediate sharp left hand turn required less lock and could be run at greater speed. Autocross should be a mental challenge as well as physical.

The rules were, every person got 6 runs. Best time wins. Knocking a cone out of its box adds 3 seconds to your time.


I think Steve Clunn was the first one to run. With all that torque it was easy to tell when he was on the throttle -the rear wheels would smoke.

Charles Whalen's RAV4 was a big hit. He let different people run it through the course and others were jumping in as passengers.

The High School teams were the most serious competitors. The Voltsdragon, Sweetheart and the 911 ran hard. I did a 30 seconds first run and then watched as they worked to beat it. Their cars did not have the power of the Imp but you could watch the brake lights and tell that they were carrying their momentum through the corners. Harrison Mohn turned a 29.24 in the Shenandoah's Datsun 240Z and it was time for me to make a second run.

A 28 seconds run put the Imp back on top. I watched for a little longer before I realized it was getting late and if I was going to drive the Electric Imp from the track, I better get it on charge. I made an error on my next run, turning a 26 but knocking down a cone. I back off a little and turned a clean 26.68. This left me with two unused runs in case anyone threatened my time. I put the Electric Imp on charge.

The high school teams seem to have a great rule that anybody who works on the car should have a chance to drive. The cars kept going and going as each driver took their laps. Full credit to Ricky Lewis and his sons Tim and Chad from Northeast Guilford High School and Byron Grove-Humphries and the Shenandoah Valley Governor's School team (including the parents). Everybody was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful. From running the timing equipment to picking up the cones at the end of the evening.
BBB Jan 2006 throphies

The Electric Imp took home some hardware.

> Second Place in the drag race;
> Best Design at the Show and Shine;
> First Place in the Autocross, and the overall award
> Best of Battery Beach 2006.

BBB Jan 2006 Best of trophy

See results here: http://floridaeaa.org/modules/content/index.php?id=20.

An excellent weekend.



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