Roebling Road Test Day - 4/27/07

Session 1, 8:45 AM

It is about an 8 hour drive to Roebling Road.
Tech sticker

The track has a number of 240 volt 50 amp outlets. We just need to find a spot where we can claim one.

Parking by the power pedestal

It has been a few years since I have raced on the Roebling Road track.

It has more high speed corners than Homestead Miami Speedway or West Palm Beach's Moroso Motorsports Park. This translates to a higher average speed (around 85 mph) without changing the top speed (over 120 mph).


Roebling Road has some entertaining corners where the fast way around involves driving the car straight where the corners turn.

Applying my knowledge of driving the track in a 1,000 lbs open wheel car to a 3,000 lbs sedan will take a few laps.
Last race, we qualified the car at 400 amps (2/3 power) and raced at 300 amps (1/2 power).

Here at Roebling Road, we hope to be able to qualify at 500 amps and race at 400 amps.
We decide to start test day at 400 amps.

I start out slow, braking the car before almost ever corner as I look for the line.

The track is a little damp.

My first lap was 1:38.6.
Each lap is faster.

After five laps I come in.

The last lap was a 1:30.
braking for Turn 1

We know that the Bias Ply Goodyears require less camber than the Radial Hoosiers, so we focus on tire temperatures and pressures. They look pretty good, so our new camber setting must be close.


The 50 amp breaker trips when the PFC 50 charger is set to deliver full power. We reset the breaker and turn the charger down just a little bit.

We are still able to charge the pack up to 380 volts at 27.5 amps.
We get in an hour of charging before the next session.


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