Roebling Road Test Day - 4/27/07

Session 3, 1:50 PM

The pack has had 2 hours of charging.

It has recovered about 19.332 kW-hrs of the 23.293 kW-hrs we used last session.

Battery voltage is 364 volts and battery temperatures are 40 C.

I pull onto the track behind a number of cars. There is a little tire warming but we all get up to speed fairly quickly.

I spend the first timed lap getting a little bit of a draft at about 4-6 car lengths behind.

I turn a 1:26.4.


The next lap is even better.

I still have the same small draft. I go deep into the carousel and the car drifts towards the outside of the track. This straightens the exit and lets me apply the power earlier.

I turn a 1:23.9.

Then the front tires begin to give up a little grip.

I get entry transient phase understeer in turn 4 and have to wait later to apply the power in the carousel due to mid phase understeer.

The cars I am attempting to draft pull away.
This time; a 1:24.3.

I get into traffic and my laps drop to the 1:25's.
After a total of 7 hot laps the session ends.


The pack voltage is 335 Volts but the battery temperatures have moved to almost 57 degrees.

At 450 amps, we are using around 1000 Watts per mile including about 7% energy recovered from regenerative braking.

hot lap video (~28.23MB .wmv file)
It has been a very successful test day. The car has done about 28 laps without any problems.
The car has gone faster each session.
Recharging has been smooth. There has been gradual heat build up in the battery pack from the constant discharge/recharge cycles but it has not keep us from making each session.
Race days will only require making two sessions a day.
We are ready for the weekend.


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