Roebling Road Raceway 4/29/07

Session 1 Sunday Qualifying 9:15 AM


With everything done on time, we are able to line up near the front. This is less of an advantage than it might be because we will not be able to go fast until the new tires have been properly brought up to temperature.

The general accepted 'best' method for scrubbing in new tires is to be gentle on them at the start of the lap and progressively lean on them harder. The third lap should be done at full speed and, on most tracks, another lap at full speed is fine but always a slow cool-off lap is required. Finally the tires should sit for over 24 hours.

Our plan is two warm up laps, two hot laps, a cool down lap and 4 hours sitting time before we race. If only the other racers would cooperate.

We do the first warm up lap and then everyone takes the green flag. 3/4 of the way around the track, a car has a mechanical problem and parks himself in the middle of the track. Race control is forced to black flag qualifying and everyone must pull into the pits. The flat tow the car off the track and we are sent out again.

The car feels down on power. The car is only running on the front motor. There is too many race cars screaming around on qualifying laps for me to try and solve this problem on the track. I am forced to do a lap on half power and pit again. I cycle the switches and both motors come to life. I pull back on the track.

Who knows how this will effect the tire break in. I progressively increase the tire loading during my out lap. By the last turn, I am 100%.

going hard

The traffic is terrible. The black flag means that our qualifying session will be that much shorter, so all 40 cars are out at once trying to find a clear lap.

I turn a 1:24.870. Then a 1:24.675 despite being held up in turn 1 and 3.

Qualifying lap video (~30.12MB .wmv file)
I try one more lap but more traffic drops me to a 1:25.466. This ends the session and allows me to do a very slow lap and cool the tires safely.

We have used 14.166 kW-hrs. The pack is at 353.6 volts and battery temperature are 42 degrees. We can start charging immediately.

getting there
Our 1:24.675 puts us 7th out of 40 cars and 3rd in the SPU class. It is nice to be near the front of the grid.
The 4th place SPU car is 6 cars back and 1.3 seconds slower. Unfortunately the tube fame Cup Cars are gridded #1 and # 2 and I will need to pass four cars before I can challenge them.

One hour and forty five minutes later, the pack is fully charged and we are ready to race



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