Roebling Road, April 27 - 29, 2007

Sum Up

on track
This has been another exciting weekend. We had an incredible successful test day and through the weekend managed to put over 110 track miles on the car. The different challenges of a new track continue to uncover new places for improvement.
Mechanically, a water leak and a poor battery support design cost us a qualifying session and a race.
Electronically, our attempts to keep the Max. Regen Voltage as high as possible seems to be shutting down at least one motor. This cost us two laps in qualifying and a lap in the Sunday race.
We also need to improve the reliability of our DAQ equipment.
On the plus side, in addition to a fourth place finish, we are taking home a great deal of information about racing an electric car.
We have learned:
... that we can draw 90% of the pack's rated capacity while racing the car at 400 amps.
... that Regenerative braking is ineffective the first 6 racing miles.
... how the inverters affect the car so it drives differently at the end of the race than it did at the beginning of the race.
... what a racing full discharge looks like and how the power fades at the end.


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