Moroso: Palm Beach Road Race Classic

Pre race

This weekend's races are the best opportunity we have, so far, to become the first electric-car to break the 110 years gas-car winning streak in sanctioned road racing competition. That's because two of the races are less than 25 miles. In these shorter races, we will be able to turn the power up without having to worry about not having enough range (our ability to finish the race).
Last time at Moroso we qualified at 2/3s power (400 amps) and raced at 1/2 power (300 amps). This weekend, we plan to qualify at 5/6th power (500 amps) and run the shorter races at 500 amps and the longer race at 400 amps.
Running more power is going to make everything run hotter. We decide it is time to get rid of the stock radiator and redesign our cooling system.
We are unable to schedule a pre-race test day, so we will have to test the cooling system during the weekend.


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Saturday, Nov. 17, 2007


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