Moroso: Palm Beach Road Race Classic

Sum Up

The good news:

... the Electric Imp won its 1st pole position ever
... the Electric Imp was the fastest SPU car on the track this weekend.
... We should have lead the race and perhaps won.
... At 1:44.763, the car is 3 seconds faster than ever before.

Two dead chargers and no race points. That is the bad news.

The new radiator is unproven. It failed to cool the motors sufficiently but the air box had blown open and that must have impacted air flow.

We also had to add two pints of water to the cooling system after qualifying. There is no evidence of a leak so we suspect an air pocket somewhere in the system that was only able to migrate to the highest point during the session.

The batteries ran at around the same temperature as at Roebling Road qualifying. That session was also at 500 amps but with the warm air from the radiator in front of them. We had hoped for better cooling with this redesign (radiator behind), but again the blown open air box could have affected the results.
Our braking imbalance turned out to be a switch left in the wrong position. We did qualifying with the rear regenerative braking turned off. This hurt our miles per kW-hr figures. We used about 1.43 kW-hrs per mile without regen and 1.17 kW-hr per mile with regen.


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Saturday, Nov. 17, 2007
Dec 2007, Scott Lewis Memorial


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