Moroso: Double SARCC Race

Scott Lewis Memorial Double SARCC Race

Pre race:


Will this be the weekend that we break the 111 year gas car winning streak in sanctioned road racing competition?

The Electric Imp is now quick enough over a single lap.
Winning the pole position at the Palm Beach Road Racing Classic proved this.

The challenge now is to keep the speed up for an entire race.


A Double SARCC weekend means the schedule for both Saturday and Sunday will consist of a morning qualifying session, and a 30+ mile afternoon race.

While the Electric Imp can drive over 150 miles at 60 MPH on the highway, racing consumes much more power. Our strategy will be to conserve enough energy to last the 30+ miles.


We have only made minor changes to the car since the last race; we have added stiffer rear springs to make the car under steer less; we have removed the front air filter and beefed up the air box.

For this race, Moroso Motorsports Park has upgraded their camp ground electrical outlets from 30 amp 120 volts to 50 amp 240 volts. After the problems with our generator last race, we look forward to a quiet weekend of utility power.


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Saturday, Nov. 17, 2007
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