Friday, Dec 28, 2007

Test Day

Session 1, 11:30 AM


First session is at 400 amps (2/3rd power).

I feel out the car and by lap 5 get down to a 1:45.2.

This is about 4/10ths of a second slower than our 500 amp (5/6th power) qualifying lap last visit.
Same tires, similar conditions.

The car is better balanced and quicker.

Turn 10 sequence 1: Car at full throttle and loaded in the turn. Notice the front wheels. Only slight steering angle. The balance is better.
Turn 10 sequence 1
Turn 10 sequence 2: Drifting, front wheels almost aligned with the rear
Turn 10 sequence 2
Turn 10 sequence 3: Right front wheel just off dip at end of berm
Turn 10 sequence 3

Looking for the limits, I spin in Turn 6, then again, two laps later under braking, in Turn 9.

The brake bias balance is not yet right.


11 Laps.
23.93 kWhrs used.
This would be around 966 Whrs per mile but some technical problem means this figure is low.

By lap 7, motor temperatures had hit 175 Celsius so the inverters cut back on power. They were slightly slower with the last lap a 1:47.1.

We open the hood. The air box was leaking.

On top...
air leaking-on top
...out the side...
air leaking-out one side
...out the other side.
air leaking-out the other side

We plug in our new cooling fan and quickly put the car on charge.

car cooler


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Friday, Dec 28, 2007 Session2


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