Friday, Dec 28, 2007

Test Day

Session 2, 03:45 PM

We go two full turns more front brake bias and soften the front bar to add more front grip.

The tires have 5 heat cycles on them. We flip the tires on their rims to try and get some more use out of them.

Pack voltage is only 374 but our session is starting.

The batteries are at 34 degrees Celsius.

We turn voltage down to 375 amps.


The car is handling fairly well. The grip might be a little less but there were some showers since last session.

My fastest is a 1:46.89 on the first lap. Lower current and lower voltage mean less power.

The air box holds together. We run only 4 laps, so we do not have an answer on how well cooling is working. The motors reach 150 C and the batteries 48.7 C.
We average around 975 Whrs per mile with regenerative braking accounting for 17% greater range.




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