Saturday, Dec 29, 2007


09:40 AM


It is clear that our tires will not last the weekend, so we decide to put a new set on now. I will warm these up carefully, then run one hot lap, followed by a cool down lap, in order to have fresh scrubbed tires for the race.

We are focused on the getting the best possible result for this race rather than the best qualifying position. Having already completed a 14 lap race at 300 amps, what we need now is a better idea about how much power we can run; that is, data on how many Watt hours per mile we will use at 350 amps.


In the Savanah race, we hit the minimum voltage limit after using 30.644 kWhrs at a 400 amp discharge rate (200 amp adv). With 1.5 kWhrs used in the pace lap and cool down, we are left with 29.144 kWhrs to race with. This means we need to average less than .925 kWhrs per mile.


We wait until the other cars in our group are 3/4 way around the track on their out lap. I have a nice clear track to gently build heat into the tires.

Since I am still breaking in my tires during my first timed lap, a Spec Racer high sided on the exit to Turn 2 does not effect my lap time.

I catch a safety truck in Turn 9 which ruins the start of what is suppose to be my fast lap.

It turns out not to matter as a Rabbit spins 180 degrees in Turn 3-4 and the car I am closing on, plows directly into him. I stay on the brakes a little longer, tighten my line and avoid the smozzel. 'Black flag All' brings us into the pits.

Accident ahead


They clear the track and let us out again.

I pass a few cars on the out lap. This wins me two clear laps. 1:47.85. 1:48.16.

Checkered Flag.

Tenth on the grid.

1st in SPU.


2 hours and 45 minutes charging.

13.9 kWhrs into the battery pack.

We are ready to race!



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