Sunday, Dec 30, 2007
Sum Up
ProEV Inc. was formed in 2001. The Electric Imp moved under electric power on May 9, 2003. We ran our first road race July 11, 2004 and won our first autocross Dec 19 , 2004. And now, in only our 10th road race, ProEV's Electric Imp has done what no other Electric Vehicle has done since 1896. We have won a sanctioned road race against gas powered cars.

What does ProEV have that the last 110 years of electric vehicles have not had?
We have better technology. Better controllers. Better motors. Better information systems. Most important of all, we have better batteries.
The Kokam High Power Lithium Polymer batteries are the core technology that makes this victory possible. Kokam batteries have the right combination of power density and energy density to take EV's from a niche vehicle to the mainstream.


It was not an easy victory. Our decision to use less regenerative braking to make the motors work less hard meant that we used more power per mile. The motor temperatures were stable through the race, 25 degrees Celsius cooler than the limit. We used too much power, dropping to our minimum voltage most of the last lap.


We are getting comfortable using more of the power and capacity of our Kokam High Power pack. Running harder and longer is pushing the limits of other components. The Siemens motors are 'stock' street motors. It is time to 'hotrod' them to deal with the heat of constant high power running.


We are learning how much the driver can influence the range and speed of the car.
We need to develop our information systems to give the driver access to more complete data about power remaining and temperatures. This will allow fine tune driving style and power settings on the fly to get the best results.


We did our fastest lap ever during qualifying at only 3/4 power.
The car can go a lot faster.
We need to look at every method to improve efficiency at high power levels.

Chart of kWhrs per mile vs. Amps
kWhrs per mile vs. Amps Chart
After over 100 years of intensive development, today's internal combustion engine powered cars are much better than their ancestors that were defeated at the 1896 Providence races. Their pace of improvement has slowed though. The giant strides in power, reliability and cost were made in the first 75 years. Compare a car from 30 years ago to today's cars. Small improvements at the cost of greater complexities.

Now take a look at electric vehicles. After being ignored for almost a century, the electric vehicle is finally the focus of innovation.


Like the Electric Imp, electric cars are still at the early stage of development.
The Electric Imp will win again.
Electric Vehicles will win again.


Providence race picture -Two EV's beat 6 gas cars

Two EV's beat 6 gas cars


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Sunday, Dec 30, SARCC race


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