January 27, 2007
FAU Jupiter campus: Battery Beach Burnout 2007
Part 1- Media Frenzy

This is year two for the Florida Electric Auto Association's big event, Battery Beach Burnout, an all electric gathering of the EV faithful. For ProEV, this is a little bit of an intramural event, a 'blue on blue' competition. No matter who wins, it is going to be an EV. For this reason, the crew tends to be a little more casual in our preparations.

So when a film crew covering Battery Beach asks if they can film us 'preparing' the car, we are confident that they will not be disrupting our effort. We do scratch our heads a little trying to come up with something photogenic to be doing to the car.

Race shop interview
The crew from Micheal Hoff productions is shooting for a series called "Future Wheels" hosted by Jonathan Levit. It will be on VOOM network. The crew has done their research and has a good understanding of what we are doing and what they want from us. They are friendly and professional. They work quickly to get the lighting and sound right and then shoot about four hours of tape.

Cliff Rassweiler and the Electric Imp

It was just as well we have nothing essential left to do, I can not see how we could get any work done around the filming.

Since it was not a full road race weekend, our plan is for me to drive the car up the Jupiter, Florida for the event. This is an easy 80 mile drive if I leave from my house rather than the race shop. After Thursday's filming, I drive the Electric Imp to my house. Friday afternoon I put the pack on charge. An hour and a half later the charger dies.



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