January 27, 2007
FAU Jupiter campus: Battery Beach Burnout 2007
Part 3- Battery Beach Burnout
We make it to Shawn's in one piece and quickly load the Imp on the trailer. We arrive at Battery Beach by 10 am. There is already a crowd. As we unstrap the car, there seems to be camera men (personnel) everywhere.

unloading the Electric Imp at Battery Beach

As far as I was able to determine, there were two main film crews. There was the 'Future Wheels' guys that we met Thursday and a Sundance Channel crew doing a show on the Miramar High School team.

another interview

The Sundance crew looked very 'Independent Film'. The director had an exotic accent and wears black. They also seemed quite competent, setting up quickly and getting their shots. They gave the impression that the Electric Imp and I, might be cast as Goliath with Miramar playing David. I did my best deadpan 'Professional Wrestling' style interview but in truth, the Miramar team does not need to beat the Electric Imp to be a great story. Lowell Simmons runs an amazing program and his students deliver. Sportsmanship is a big part of the team ethics. They cheerfully lend us their charger to make sure we can race.

Shawn Waggoner switching connecters so that Miramar's charger will fit the Electric Imp



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