The Chassis

We have a large number of clever vehicle design ideas that we want to try out but we need to start with a baseline. The best baseline would be the Blue Sky Design chassis which is the most common electrathon chassis.

Blue Sky Design
has been involved in electrathon racing for over 17 years. They offer a three whee
l delta coupe with a sleek fiberglass body and Plexiglas canopy. The chassis consists of a basic steel frame with a fiberglass floor pan.


We are able to purchase a used chassis. The body was modified by the factory to lower frontal area and comes with an AC motor.

According to Blue Sky Design, the chassis was built to test Syncromotive's AC controller technology. We contacted Ives at Syncromotive. He still had the original prototype controller and will work with us to get it back in action.  


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Intro - The Controller


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