Putting it all together


There is a lot to do but races do not wait on racers.
We miss the start of the season, a road race at Hillsborough Community College on September 17, 2011.


We keep pushing and have the vehicle assembled and running on our Davie test track.

There are a lot of basic things to fix. We need to cut the fiberglass seat to get enough room to fit the driver.


Ideally, we would like to run an hour race simulation but we spend the whole of Thursday before the race, doing a basic alignment and corner weights.

This involves making a steering lock so that the front wheels can be locked in straight ahead.


Next we check that the front wheels are square to each other by measuring the distance between the front of the tire and the rear of the tire.

Next we make sure that the rear wheel is square to the front wheels by extending a straight line from one front wheel and measuring that the front and rear of the rear wheel are the same distance measured perpendicular to the line.


checking rear wheel alighnment


This involves loosening and tightening the nuts holding the rear wheel and checking that the chain tension is still correct.

We recheck the alignment by repeating the rear wheel measurements with a line from the other front wheel.

This zero toe alignment should be most efficient but might not handle well.
The suspension is solid i.e. fixed.
We seem to be running no camber.
Solid suspension means no bump steer to play with.

Next we put the vehicle up on scales and check the weight distribution with the driver in.
We have 45 lbs of lead ballast to play with to make our 135 lbs driver legal at 180 lbs.

Mounting the weights in the middle of the bar between the front wheels gives us equal weight on each tire.
We do not know enough about racing a three wheeler to know if this is optimal but it is our goal with each tire to do equal work.
We add two extra mounting points, so we can move the weights all the way right or all the way left for oval races.  


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