Newsome race
Race -Session 2
We move the Super Coupe back to our pits. The battery voltage reads 48. The controller should not cut off until 42 volts. It is a mystery and difficult to troubleshoot since the motor is now running again. There is only an hour and a half between races, so we need to get the pack on charge.

We have plenty to do while the EV charges. The next race goes the opposite direction so we need to move the ballast to load the inside tire. I re-position the Max Current mini lever to make it less likely to be bumped. Much too soon, we have to end the charging and button up the Super Coupe.

I suspect the problem we had is the minimum voltage setting in the controller. It must be falling too low under load. We did not have time to set up a laptop to communicate with the controller (we need an Internet connection to download the drivers) so we will just have to run what we have.

We are there for the standing start. There are some close calls in the first corner but everyone comes out undamaged. I run with the lead pack as we all juggle for position. The other competitors' strategy seems to be to let off the throttle 3/4 of the way down the straightaway and then coast through the corner. To match this, I must accelerate at 45 amps out of the corner and then start coasting 1/2 down the straight. This is not optimal.

The Super Coupe is handling well, so I decide to take the lead and experiment with carrying an even throttle through the turns. A constant low current should be more efficient than a high current combined with periods of no current.

The track is bumpy and the Super Coupe does not actually have much of a suspension.
It is very lively in the turns. Under-steering a little into the turns until the rear wheel hits a bump and the whole back of the car steps out. I am busy and having a good time, working on smooth fast laps.
But I cannot judge whether I am using too much power to finish. I need the leaders as a gauge. If I am still running at the end, I will pass them then.

I adjust my Max Current and let the leaders catch up. I drop back just behind the lead pack and follow them with the 'even low current through the turns' strategy rather than the 'tight drafting'. This time, we make it to 50 minutes before the motor shuts down.

I pit the Coupe and my crew chief and I walk down to watch the finish. The Electrocutioners come back from a two lap deficiency to win over all.

We pack up and start the drive home. Our lack of testing kept us from doing well in the race but I am satisfied with our results. We gained over an hour and a half of race experience. We have a much better idea about what the series and the competition are like. When we checked our pack the next day, we found that the pack had somewhere between 1/2 and 1/4 of a charge left, so we are capable of running a winning pace.



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