Middleton Oval Races

Race 1 (November 14, 2015)

Full race video with data display. There are two new information displays beneath the lap time. The left display is average Watts for that lap. The battery pack is rated at 947 Watt-hours so average Watts indicate whether the pace is sustainiable. To the right is average Watts per MPH. This is an indication of how efficiently the vehicle ran the last lap. Less Watts per MPH is better as long as lap times are comprable.

Lap 6-38 is run with the controller speed limitter set to 22.6 MPH and throttle held full open. I lose the lead lap 26. I switch off the speed limiter and control the throttle manuallylap 38, re-taking the lead on lap 48.

Strawberry Oct 17, 2015
Middleton Race 2, Nov 14, 2015


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