May 10, 2001

Today ProEV purchased a 1995 Subaru 2 door Impreza. It is a 1.8 manual shift LX model.

For more about why we choose this make and model, click here.

More information about this model Subaru is available at

The car's exterior is in excellent condition. The interior is a little rough and the engine has 108,000 miles on it. The owner was willing to sell at a reasonable price ($3,400), and the engine and interior will not be used. The extra parts will be sold. Click here to view them. Most of the running gear will be replaced, and any that will not be replaced, will be inspected.

We have made an appointment with Gary Pile at Motorsports Engineering to have a roll cage fitted. The car is to be delivered completely stripped. Car stripping is scheduled to begin June 10.


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June 10, 2001


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