June 10, 2001

Driving the Impreza for the last time as a gas powered vehicle, I take note of its characteristics. The brakes are fine. The suspension a little soft. It is a peppy vehicle at low speeds. It's weight is around 2500 lbs, and if you shift at redline in first and second gear you move right off.

The car has no problems getting up to highway speeds, but takes a while to reach 90 mph. In the upper speeds, you really need to carry your momentum. If you misjudge traffic and have to come off the throttle, or worst yet, brake, it is a while until you regain your speed.

Stripping the car is like taking apart a well constructed three dimensional puzzle. Most parts are tightly fitted and stay in place even after the bolts and screws are removed.

I start with the roof liner, then interior trim, while seated comfortably in the car seats. They go next, ... Seats removed
... to allow easy access to the dash. Glove box removed
It comes out. Dash removed
Then the climate control system, fan, a/c condenser. Mechanical parts removed

Leaving only sound deadening (but ten pounds worth). All the parts taken out are weighed, photographed, then put up for sale


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May 10, 2001
June 12, 2001


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