June 21, 2001

I have been discussing motor choices with Victor Tikhonov of Metricmind.com.

I have prepared a spreadsheet comparing acceleration times with different motors that Metricmind might have available. Seimans acceleration times comparison
We had hoped to use two Seimans 5135WS18 motors, but there were none available. Victor was able to find us another possible unit, the 5134WS20. It had slightly less maximum torque, but a better torque curve. Seimans Torque curve comparison
We also had hopes of getting an uprated inverter warranted to a maximum current of 305 amps and 420 volts, however this turns out not to be possible at this time. What we end up with is an inverter set at 385 volts and 320 amps per unit. This works out to a total of about 339 horsepower and 350 ft/lbs of torque at 0 RPM. The motors can rev up to 12,000 RPM.
Seimans 5134ws20 electric motor


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June 14, 2001
June 22, 2001


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