September 18, 2001

Today we dismantled the stock front suspension. We plan to replace the struts, springs, lower arms, anti-sway bar, all bushings, lower ball joints. This will give us a more adjustable, lighter suspension while reducing flex and slop. Each strut is 4.5 lbs lighter than the part it is replacing. Each lower arm saves 3.5 lbs. This will also give us a chance to inspect and rebuild stock pieces such as wheel bearings and brake calipers.

The strut towers need to be modified to mount the Ground Control camber plates. This work consists of drilling new mounting holes and cutting away metal to allow the top of the strut to be adjusted towards and away from the car centerline to adjust camber, and forward and back to adjust castor.

Front shock tower cut

Front shock tower with camber plate


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June 25, 2001
September 20, 2001


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