December 6, 2001

Measuring rear suspension clearances.

Before we can make final decisions on the wheel design, battery mounting, and motor mounting, it is necessary to look closely at how the rear suspension is mounted.

Based on our earlier measurements, we had ordered custom racing wheels from Kodiak Motorsports. Since we had a number of questions about clearances, Daryle Redlin at Kodiac Motorsports made us a test wheel to check the fit.

Test wheel

We mounted a race tire on the test wheel and redid our measurements. Most of our first measurements were pretty close, but we have room for improvement. We are trying to stuff as much tire into the wheel well as we can manage. We have more clearance between the strut and the wheel than we need, so we can increase the back space (move the tire towards the centerline of the car).

Back space clearance

We would also like deeper lug holes to make sure our lug nuts have some extra thread to be safe. The distance between the brake caliper and wheel also needs a little more clearance.

Fitting race wheel

We loosely assemble the rear suspension using the Advanced Design struts and disc brakes of an RS Impreza.

New rear suspension

With the tire on, it is very clear that it will be a tight fit. The extra ¼ inch of backspace will help, but we probable need to make some modifications to the fender.

Checking tyre rub


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December 3, 2001
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