December 7, 2001

EV's have many advantages, but their main disadvantage against ICE racers is weight. Batteries to get you a mile weight more than the gas it takes to go that same mile. To minimize this handicap, it is important to mount the car's weight as low as possible. This lowers your center of gravity and should result in better handling.
With this in mind, we look at the bottom of the car.

Our ultimate goal is to mount our heaviest parts on the bottom of the car. This includes the two motors, the differentials, and 180 batteries. To do this, we decide to cut out the existing car bottom and replace it with a flat bottom. Bracing will hold the diffs and motors. An interior floor will mount over this to separate the batteries from the driver's compartment.
We have to plan carefully, so that this massive cutting and rewelding leaves the car body stronger and stiffer than when we started without adding too much weight.

Car bottom


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December 6, 2001
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