April 17, 2002

The welder has completed the first stage of the battery box fabrication.

This consisted of:

Cutting out the bottom of the car.

bottom cut out

Fabricating a structure to support the batteries and motors.

battery box welded in

Welding that structure into the car to replace the strength of the missing floor and stiffen the car.

front bar tied into car

These views show how the thin metal of the original bottom is welded to the beefier battery box wherever possible

welds holding front of battery box

close up of welds

The roll cage needed to be tied into the battery box to help stiffen the car and protect the driver.

The original cut weakened the battery box

roll cage to battery box

By adding metal, the strength was added back in.

add support

And the roll cage is firmly anchored to the floor.

Now the car will return to the race shop for motor and differential fitting.


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