May 2, 2002

After deciding how the rear differential will be mounted, it became clear that the spare tire bulge would be in the way...

spare tire bulge

Since this area was not providing much strength, we decided to remove it and replace it with a flat panel.

This job required a variety of tools. A hole-saw allowed smooth rounded corners. drilling out the corners

An air powered metal shear is used to connect the holes.

connecting the dots

An air grinder helps get hard to reach areas and cut thicker metal. Here is the result. The red arrow points to a brace that will be cut off when the rear suspension support is removed.

trunk bottom removed

Of course, it is time to weight what we have removed.

11.3 lbs gone!

The car is 11.3 lbs lighter!


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April 24, 2002
May 5, 2002


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