September 24, 2002

Fabricating bushings to hold the motors

The motors will bolt to the new frame we have welded into the car. We decide to place the motors in the middle of the car and as close to floor of the car as possible (for the lowest center of gravity). The metal frame is made of hollow 2 by 3 mild steel. For a secure mounting, we will need to weld in bushings to hold the bolts.

We fabricate the bushings by turning down tubing on a metal lathe.

metal lathe with tubing

The tubing is drilled out to 3/8 inch to match our bolts

drilled out to 3/8

The face is made true (perpendicular to the shaft)

making the bushing true

The shaft is turned down

turning down the outside diameter

Until it is the proper diameter

cuting more off the OD
The piece is cut off the pipe including about an 1/8 inch of untouched pipe. The bushing is reversed, so that the lathe is gripping the turned down shaft and the unturned pipe is facing out. The "hat" is then made true. This gives us a bushing of the correct outside diameter (OD) of ½ inch and inside diameter (ID) of 3/8 inch with a hat on one end.

measuring the hat


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