September 26, 2002

Reassembling the motor

It is now time to put the trimmed and lightened (see trimming the motor-work history) motor plate back on the motor. motor without motor plate

On the motor's shaft there are three pieces that we need to be careful with in our reassembling. The bearing (blue arrow) supports the shaft and is supported by a pocket in the front cover. The threaded backing plate (yellow arrow) keeps the bearing in position inside the pocket. The shim (red arrow) makes sure the bearing is held by the right tension when the backing plate is fully tightened. The shim seems to be a different size in each motor to correct for variations in manufacturing.

backing plate, shim, bearing

We sever the head of a bolt and hand screw it into the backing plate. The headless screw passes through the front motor plate and allows us to pull the backing plate towards us while pushing the front plate onto the motor. At the same time, we must be careful to make sure the o-ring and water jacket seals are sitting correctly. We dab a little blue locktite on the backing plate screws and start them while holding the headless screw. Once they are started, we remove the headless screw and replace it.

backing plate screws in position

The eight torx head bolts get a little blue locktite and are screwed in. We torque them to 18 foot/lbs in a star pattern.

torque the engine plate bolts
Next we bolt the front and rear adapter plates onto the motor. bolting the adapter plates to the motor
Putting it all together

We lay a bed of 2 by 4's beneath where the motors will sit. We put each motor in position and put in the front bolts (red arrows).

front motor held by front bolts

The front of the motor is now flush with the bottom of the frame. We shim the rear of the motor to be flush also and then drill through the rear adapter plate using the frame holes as guides. Two more bolts and we can remove the 2 by 4's.

rear of motor bolted on!

And the motors are in!

two motors ready to go


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