December 16, 2002

Mounting the seat belts

We use a six point belt. Two shoulder straps. A waist belt from each side. And two 'anti-submarine-ing' belts that come up between the legs to keep the occupant from slipping beneath the belts in the event of a hard frontal crash.


The shoulder harnesses come with a custom piece that the belts snap to. We drill a hole into the roll cage and weld these in place directly behind the seats.
shoulder harness attachment point

The other straps have ends that need to be bolted. We need to make brackets to take the bolts. We cut the brackets from 3 by 2 mild steel with a wall thickness of .125 of an inch.

cutting the bracket from the rectangle tubing
A little work with the metal grinder gets rid of the sharp edges. getting rid of the sharp edges
Each waist and crotch belt can share the same bracket if the bracket is properly located. When the correct spots are found, the brackets are welded in place. a bracket welded in place
We bolt on the belts and adjust them. side and crotch belts sharing a bracket
We check our work using an exact model of our driver (only dirtier). the belts fit!


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