January 27, 2003

Painting the roll cage

So much of our work so far, has consisted of fitting mechanical parts and then removing them. There is little visible progress on the car. This is finally going to change. We are almost ready to close up the bottom of the car. But first, we paint.

Painting a roll cage in place is not the easiest of jobs. We weight removing the windshield, but decide against it. Instead we use lots of newspaper.
Preparing to paint

We clean the metal with acetone and then use a primer. A small spray gun applies the acrylic paint.

Painting the roll cage
For those hard to reach spots, we use a touch up brush.
touch up brush
The end result is good.
We cover our freshly painted bars and install the motors. We could do this after the floor is on but now is easier.
ready for the motors


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