June 19, 2004

Building the car: Making battery cables

Once again, we go to the wireman to order their 1" copper grounding strap material.

Each cable is made out of 10 pieces. This gives us roughly 0000 gauge cable.

10 pieces of copper ground strap

An awl or Phillips head screw driver pierces each strap.

making holes

Two screws and the same 3/4 by 4 by 1/16 brass plates used to connect the cells hold the straps together. When attached to a battery, the cell tab goes in the middle of the cable with the screws and plates compressing the cable in place.

end assembled with plates

Large heavy duty heat shrink tubing completes the cable

heat shrink and done

The cable ends that connect to the shunt and the fuses, will need to be bolted on. To do this a piece of copper pipe is crushed over the straps, in a 25 ton press and then a hole is drilled to the correct size.

positive cable to fuse


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