October 26, 2006

Replacing the pack with new High Power Kokam cells

Part 6: Cell installation procedure

Each cell needs to have two holes punched in it to fit the brass connector plates.

tab from Kokam

We use a hole punch for the job.

hole punch at work

This is the result. The five small holes on each tab are from Kokam. The two larger holes are ours. The brass plates push the tabs together so the entire face of the tab is the contact area.

cell with prepped tabs

Each plate is sanded clean to assure a good contact.

connector plates being sanded

The screws are dipped in gasket sealer to keep them from vibrating loose. They are very small so blue Loctite was decided to be too strong.

screw and glue

A torque screw driver is used to set the screws. This assures the plate is held tightly without breaking screws. We use 7 LB-ft for these screws.

torque screw set to 7


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