October 26, 2006

Replacing the pack with new High Power Kokam cells

Part 7: Installing the new cells

We use some light wood to support and protect the cells.

Ready for cells

A piece of white coroplast and then the first cell.

cell #001

The pack's negative cable is connected. It is tie-wrapped to the board to keep it from flexing and putting strain on the battery tabs. The tabs are very thin and will break if flexed or loaded too much.

Add cable

The first cell will have three temperature sensors.

temperature sensor

Each sensor will be smeared with heat sink compound and taped in place.

heat sink compound

We place a sensor near the positive tab since Kokam feels this will be the hottest spot. We also place a sensor at the middle of the cell and the lower corner to compare.

temp sensors in place

Then the next sheet of Coroplast.

ready for another cell

The next cell goes in reversed. Positive to negative. The cells are in series.

#002 connected

Every eight cells, the BMS wires are carefully bundled.

First 8 in place

The first 24 cells are in.

First rear block in

The next 24.

both rear blocks in

The other cells go where the passenger seat would be. The only bit of trickiness is that with 24 cells, the cables come in and go out, on the same side as in the stack to the right (Blue arrows). By running 23 cells in the stack on the left, the negative cable for the rear pack comes in from the left and the positive cable exits forward to the right (green arrows).

last two blocks in

This allows for a very short connector cable.

With the installation done, we have saved about 3 feet of cable. Less weight. Less resistance.

short cable


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